APPELLATE advocacy, Legal writing, & Mediation


In addition to general business and workplace disputes, Tara mediates intellectual property matters.

Tara Muller is licensed as a patent attorney before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. She has a background in chemistry and chemical engineering and has worked in both North Carolina and South Carolina in various stages of intellectual property litigation. Tara is intimately familiar with the issue of intellectual property exploitation and its potential impact on a business portfolio and brand. She regularly facilitates settlement negotiations between businesses and is available to conduct mediations involving trademark, copyright, and patent infringement claims and licensing disputes.

Intellectual property litigation is complex, extensive, and time-consuming. Mediation is an especially attractive option in intellectual property disputes, because parties generally share the following goals:

  • A speedy end to stressful litigation
  • Protection of professional reputation
  • Preservation of the business relationship
  • Confidentiality
  • Control of the settlement process
  • Minimization of legal costs

Tara Muller is available to mediate intellectual property matters involving the pharmaceutical and life science industry, trademark licenses, franchise disagreements, computer and software contracts, distribution contracts, joint ventures, research and development contracts, technology-sensitive employment contracts, and mergers and acquisitions involving intellectual property assets.  

Her office is conveniently located in Raleigh, North Carolina near Research Triangle Park, and she travels as needed to meet the needs of the parties.‚Äč

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