Tara is a skilled writer who assists other law firms by writing trial and appellate briefs; preparing continuing education materials, legal blog posts, and web content; providing independent legal consulting on complex matters; and serving as outside special counsel. 

APPELLATE advocacy, Legal writing, & Mediation

Appellate Pleadings

Tara Muller is very experienced in appellate law and has been recognized as a superb legal writer. As early as 1999 when still attending law school, she began assisting attorneys with brief writing and appeals, and she continued in that role both litigating and appealing cases for nearly a decade. For several years thereafter, she practiced appellate law across North Carolina as "of counsel" to a civil defense firm. Tara serves on the Appellate Rules Committee of the NC Bar Association and is active in its appellate section. Due to the focused nature of her practice, Tara regularly monitors appellate rules changes and consistently presents an outstanding written and oral argument. 

Trial Briefs, Motions, and Evaluations

Tara Muller relieves busy litigators by drafting a wide range of trial-level pleadings and briefs. She regularly prepares, files, and serves the following documents at a reasonable charge and at an extremely high quality:

  • Dispositive motions and responses based on Rule 12(b)(6), 12(b)(1), and summary judgment
  • Motions in limine
  • Workers' compensation contentions and Full Commission Briefs
  • Responses to administrative grievances, such as those at EEOC and DOL
  • Discovery motions  

In addition to drafting pleadings, she often reviews and evaluates complex civil and workers' compensation cases as outside counsel. In that role, she identifies litigation strategies and defenses, recommends future action, and assesses settlement value from a fresh perspective and in a confidential manner. 

Attorney Marketing

Tara Muller regularly assists other attorneys by providing high-caliber marketing and promotional material. As a legal ghost writer, she produces case summaries of law firm victories, blog posts of pertinent specialized legal developments, interpretations and "cheat sheets" for business and individual clients, continuing education materials, and client newsletters.

 What Attorneys Say:

"Tara is a great resource for litigators like me. I try cases all the time but do not regularly handle appeals. Tara is familiar with the rules of appellate procedure and is a great writer. I highly recommend her to other attorneys needing a hand with legal writing." 


"Tara wrote a very difficult workers' compensation brief for me, and her work was brilliant. She had to consider an unusually complex set of facts and extensive technical testimony regarding ergonomics, and she did a fantastic job. I even called one part of her brief 'a stroke of genius' because her strategy was quite unusual. I can’t thank her enough."


"I readily endorse Tara Muller. She is incredibly bright, very hardworking, a great collaborator, and well-versed in many aspects of the law."


"Tara  has proven herself, time and again, to be diligent, extremely smart, and dedicated to her clients. I absolutely endorse her."


"I am an experienced NC attorney. A good client was under a deadline and asked me to prepare a motion response in a complex civil matter. I was too busy to handle it all myself that week, so I called Tara Muller. She is a fantastic writer, and she worked quickly and cost-effectively. I will definitely use her again."   


"I am a NC attorney who needed some assistance when a case went to the Court of Appeals. Tara reviewed and edited my Record on Appeal, Brief, and Motions. For a reasonable fee, she helped me comply with the rules of appellate procedure. She is a great resource and I highly recommend her."


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