APPELLATE advocacy, Legal writing, & Mediation



Tara Muller's business savvy comes across in her methodical approach to dispute resolution. She litigated for more than ten years at an established North Carolina defense firm on behalf of employers, businesses, and insurance companies. Also, Tara is a licensed patent attorney with experience litigating intellectual property matters and other complex business disputes and workplace issues. Tara understands litigants' concern about the bottom line and the time value of money. She enables parties to meet their goals, both by resolving current disputes and identifying future conflict.  


Every dispute comes down to people. As a solo practitioner, Tara Muller primarily represented individuals in disputes involving employment litigation, business matters, and workers' compensation. Tara is approachable and understands the important role of compassion and creativity. She actively listens to the needs and concerns of individuals, focuses on their goals, and explains complex concepts in a simple fashion to engender trust and to facilitate settlement discussions.


​Successful mediations depend upon impartiality and honesty. Tara is committed to conducting mediations and other settlement negotiations with neutrality. Both litigants and advocates appreciate her open-minded approach to problem solving.


Tara Muller is certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to conduct mediations for business disputes, employment and workers' compensation matters, intellectual property matters, and personal injury litigation. In addition to mediating by mutual selection of the parties, she also accepts court appointments by the NC Superior Courts, the NC Industrial Commission, and select federal courts. Billing rate sheet and curriculum vitae provided upon request.  

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