Mediator Tara Muller

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Tara Muller litigated for more than ten years at an established defense firm on behalf of employers, businesses, and insurance companies across North Carolina. She understands the interests of corporate defendants and uses the mediation process to help them meet their goals. Tara uses her business experience to resolve claims after litigation has started, and also to help businesses proactively solve problems before they start.


As a solo practitioner, Tara Muller represented primarily plaintiffs in disputes involving employment litigation, business matters, and workers' compensation disputes. Tara is approachable and compassionate, and she understands the important role of creativity in reaching an agreement.  She seeks to determine the needs and concerns of individuals, listens to their goals, and explains legal positions in plain English to facilitate settlement discussions.


Tara Muller is licensed as a patent attorney before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  She has a background in chemistry and chemical engineering and has worked in both North Carolina and South Carolina in various stages of intellectual property litigation.  She is intimately familiar with the issue of intellectual property exploitation and its potential impact on a business portfolio and brand.  Tara Muller's background assists her in facilitating settlement negotiations between businesses during the mediation process. She is available to conduct mediations involving trademark, copyright, and patent infringement claims and licensing disputes.

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Tara Muller is certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to conduct mediations for a wide array of litigation, including business disputes, employment and workers' compensation matters, intellectual property matters, and personal injury litigation.  In addition to mediating by selection of the parties, she also accepts court appointments by the NC Superior Courts, the NC Industrial Commission, and select federal courts. Billing rate sheet and curriculum vitae provided upon request.  She offers free travel within two hours of Raleigh and one hour of Asheville.

Intellectual Property Mediation

Patent, trademark, and copyright owners and producers, alike, deserve the opportunity to resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner. Intellectual property litigation is complex, extensive, and time-consuming. Mediation is an attractive option in intellectual property disputes and other business litigation, because parties in intellectual property disputes commonly share the following goals:

  • A speedy end to stressful litigation
  • Protection of professional reputation
  • Preservation of the business relationship
  • Confidentiality
  • Control of the settlement process
  • Minimization of legal costs

As a former litigator and registered United States Patent Attorney with a background in chemistry, Tara Muller is available to mediate intellectual property matters involving the pharmaceutical and life science industry, trademark licenses, franchise disagreements, computer and software contracts, distribution contracts, joint ventures, research and development contracts, technology-sensitive employment contracts, and mergers and acquisitions involving intellectual property assets.  

Her office is conveniently located in Raleigh, North Carolina near Research Triangle Park, and she is willing to travel as needed.

Outside Corporate Mediator / Ombuds

Tara Muller also uses her extensive background representing both employees and employers in workplace litigation to provide early intervention services to corporations, small businesses, boards of directors, and educational institutions faced with internal or external disputes. By mediating potential conflicts early and quickly, companies may save money in future litigation fees and preserve valuable relationships.  

Historically, management tried to resolve disputes internally using in-house general counsel or human resources representatives. Now more than ever, corporations are turning to an outside neutral (also known as an ombuds) to provide swift and effective problem solving by a mediator who is clearly separate and independent from the organization. Tara Muller is available to assist in-house counsel, risk management, and human resources departments with independent, impartial ombuds services at a reasonable hourly rate.

She is available to conduct in-house ombuds visits but typically recommends holding ombuds services in a neutral location to underscore her impartiality in the process. The typical project requires two three-hour sessions, but certain complex disputes require additional meetings.

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