Welcome to Tara Muller Dispute Resolution

Tara Muller Dispute Resolution is a client-focused consultancy providing dispute prevention, management and resolution services for businesses, not-for profit organizations, and individuals in North Carolina.

Tara Muller focuses on workplace and business disputes, accepting North Carolina clients from the technology and life science sectors, manufacturing and supply chain industries, retail including food and beverage sectors, hotel and housing areas, educational institutions, homeowners’ associations, medical providers, and not-for-profit organizations. Tara Muller facilitates the identification and proactive conciliation of workplace friction associated with the #metoo movement and allegations of improper workplace behavior.

Tara Muller Dispute Resolution communicates its commitment to clients by consistent and effective communication, collaboration with decision-makers, and creation of opportunities necessary for progress. In addition to facilitation consulting for specific workplace disputes (#metoo movement, vendor disputes, employee relations, management disputes), Tara also offers solutions for strategic design of efficient internal conflict management processes throughout North Carolina.

Experience and approach

Tara Muller is a highly experienced North Carolina Superior Court Mediator, Facilitator, and Conflict Management Coach. Her background includes 15+ years of litigating complex workplace and other business disputes in North Carolina, including workers’ compensation matters, employment discrimination and retaliation, sexual harassment, and hostile work environment. In that role, she represented both individuals and organizations, providing her with #metoo movement insight and diverse experience identifying pitfalls in industry dispute resolution schemes. Tara Muller also is a registered patent attorney with a chemistry background and secondary experience as an intellectual property litigator. She combines legal knowledge and mediation experience to offer relevant approaches to her clients.

Tara Muller is experienced not only in legal matters, but also in the diplomatic handling of international and cultural issues arising in the workplace. She lived in France and Switzerland and travels extensively, being exposed to varied cultural contexts and negotiation styles. Tara is a frequent contributor to a variety of industry publications and conferences based on her expertise in effective conflict resolution, communication, and negotiation.

Tara Muller Dispute Resolution commits to its clients personalized, customized strategies designed to ensure productive results. Each conflict presents unique issues to be addressed singularly and strategically. Her familiarity with employment law and workplace injury assists her in facilitating #metoo movement workplace conflicts and identifying systemic problems. Tara Muller firmly believes in collaborating directly with clients to understand the root of the situation, advancing change by cooperative communication, and identifying suitable processes for minimization and resolution of future conflicts.

In addition, Tara Muller has access to a trustworthy network of experienced attorneys and mediators, and thus is able to establish a team of specialists tailor-made to address larger and more complex projects.

Tara Muller Dispute Resolution transforms conflict into opportunities for positive development. Tara Muller proudly describes herself as personable, professional, and persistent in helping clients resolve disputes.

Contact Tara to explore how you can convert conflict into productivity:  

  • Preserving business and workplace relationships
  • Increasing communication and understanding
  • Creating unique resolutions

 Education and memberships

Tara Muller holds a Juris Doctor from Campbell University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry (concentrations in Chemical Engineering and French) from North Carolina State University, where she was a Caldwell Scholar and was selected to the Fellows Program and University Scholars Program. Her studies in and licenses for alternative dispute resolution include the following:

  • Superior Court Mediation – Mediation, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Interpersonal Communication – Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Federal Contracts and Labor Mediation – US District Court for Eastern District of North Carolina
  • NC Industrial Commission Mediation – Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Various Advanced Programs in Mediation, Negotiation, Collaborative Law

Tara is an active contributor within the mediation and legal community:

  • North Carolina Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section Council Member
  • North Carolina Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section Communications Chair and editor of Peacemaker Newsletter
  • Wake County Bar Association Professional Committee Member
  • North Carolina Bar Association Appellate Rules Committee Member
  • North Carolina Bar Association Intellectual Property Section Member
  • Published legal / mediation articles:  Triangle Business Journal; PeaceMaker; NCBA Workers’ Compensation Blog; NCBA Intellectual Property Blog;  NCBA Course and Scope Newsletter; Primerus Business Law Magazine

Tara’s conflict resolution services are employed by a number of leading businesses and attorneys. She follows the guidelines and best practice recommendations set forth by the International Ombudsman Association. Tara is also listed as an approved court-appointed mediator on a variety of panels.