Tara Muller now primarily focuses her practice on mediations, dispute resolution, and legal writing.  She still litigates only select matters involving serious workplace injuries, employment disputes, and business disputes. Please contact Tara Muller for a consultation for a serious civil or administrative matter requiring litigation.  

Collaborative Employment Law / Collaborative Business Law

If you believe that the dispute may be resolved without the time and expense of formal litigation, consider collaborative employment law or collaborative business law. For a reasonable fixed rate, the collaborative attorneys on both sides of a dispute advocate in one or two collaborative sessions to negotiate the best resolution for their client. If resolution is not reached, the parties still can choose to retain litigation counsel and proceed under the traditional litigation route.

Compared to traditional litigation, parties to employment and business disputes often find collaborative law quicker, more cost-effective, and more confidential. Also, collaborative law usually allows the parties to continue to enjoy an ongoing business relationship in the future.

Types of disputes Tara Muller suggests using collaborative law to resolve:

  • Workplace discrimination or retaliation claims

  • Employee severance package / separation disputes

  • Partnership / corporate dissolution disagreements

  • Employee grievances regarding disability accommodation 

  • Contractor / subcontractor pay and timing arrangements 

  • Non-competition agreement violations

  • Profit-sharing arrangement disputes